Adding A Digital Product

Currently we only offer a self hosted digital product solution. However the hosted version is coming very soon.

In the meantime here is how to add a digital product to your store front.

When you are adding a product you will see the following options at the top.

You will need to make sure the following 2 are selected.

  1. Virtual – This tells the system that this product is digital and does not require charging for postage. eg. this could be used for a commission product.
  2. Downloadable – This tells the system that you will be providing a url to be given to the customer upon purchase of the item

Once you have these selected carry on editing the product as normal, then when you get to the settings at the bottom of the product page you will see a new menu item has appeared called ‘Downloadable‘, click on this link and you will see the following screen.

Here is what each of these fields mean.

  1. Name: This is the name of the document that the customer will see in their downloads page.
  2. File Download URL: This is the URL to your self hosted digital product.
  3. Download Limit: This is the amount of times the customer is allowed to click download from within their download section.
  4. Download Expiry: This allows you to set a maximum amount of time the customer has to download the product after purchase

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