Creator Handbook
Crafting the perfect product description

The details of a product are often the last thing that customers actually read before making a decision to purchase. This means that it's the last chance you have to make that sale. So, if you can create the right description, potential customers will feel confident in their purchase. With the ...

Get Your Store Holiday Ready

With the holiday period fast approaching and with everyone in lockdown throughout the country, many consumers are looking for online stores to help deliver their wonderful presents wrapped and ready for their friends and family. Get your store ready to help out your customers with our 5 easy ...

What is EORI and do I need one?

With Brexit almost on our doorstep - January 1st 2021 - there are a lot of things that businesses in the UK need to think about when interacting with countries across the world. One type of jargon you will start to hear if you send anything to the EU is EORI. What is EORI? EORI is short ...

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