Crafting the perfect product description

The details of a product are often the last thing that customers actually read before making a decision to purchase. This means that it’s the last chance you have to make that sale. So, if you can create the right description, potential customers will feel confident in their purchase.

With the right words, the best information and of course, the right tone of voice, you can help to increase sales. Additionally, you won’t scare away potential customers.

5 top tips for the best product description

To help you get started, here are just some of the ways you can make your product description attractive to your customers.

1. Understand your customers

First things first, you need to think about your customers. What is it that they want to know about the book? Consider who they are and the comic book niche they are shopping in. By creating a well-rounded idea of your target audience i.e., age, sex, interests, you will be able to tailor your language to them.

2. Be specific

As you’re appealing to book fans, you will need to be specific about each comic. Provide them with all the details, such as story themes as well as the condition of the book — they may be collectors after all! In this way, they will know exactly what they’re getting when they hit ‘buy’.

3. Highlight value

Following this, you will want to highlight the value of the book you are selling. Explain why this is a necessary purchase and don’t be afraid to explain how this item will benefit them instantly, or down the line.

4. Make it easy to read

You will be adding in a lot of information, so it’s important that it’s all easy to read and scan. The text should complement the book cover, helping to give all the information without the need to sift through a lot of information. Less is more, which is where bullet points can come in handy.

5. Include recommendations

Finally, as this is a book audience, make sure you provide recommendations. These should be from other readers and help potential buyers to see the value. Adding in quotes from other readers can be incredibly helpful too.

So, there you have it. These are just a few simple ways to make your descriptions stand out!

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