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We are super excited to bring you our latest feature ‘Hosted Digital Downloads’. This means that when you are adding downloadable products in your store you can choose for us to host it for you. No longer do you need to host the file in Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage provider – your content can all live in one place within your store.

Every FREE account already had a 500mb upload limit for all media on their store. We have now extended this to 1GB and included the upload of digital products into this pool, so there is nothing extra you need to do.

If you do want to extend the storage capacity of your store for additional uploads past the FREE tier, there are plenty of extra plans to choose from as laid out in the table below.

If you would like to upgrade your storage email for more information.

Storage Space (GB) Monthly Cost
1 Included in a FREE store
10 99p
50 £3.99
100 £5.99
Custom Plan Contact us for more details

Your files are securely held on our hosting provider. Customers can only access the downloadable files via a unique link that is sent to their downloads section when they place an order through your store.

This link is unique for each individual and you can limit the way they can download this file via the following settings during setup.

Download Limit : Set this to the amount of times (attempts) that you will allow the user to download via this link.

Download Expiry: Setting this will force the user to download your product before the configured period of time passes. After expiry, a new link will have to be sent.

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