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We built this platform based on our own experience trying to sell and distribute comics and books. We focused on a platform that can help you grow and save money. With feedback from the community the prices outlined below are what we believe the small press creators of the world would like.


Right now, we are setting up the initial release of the whole marketplace and we are inviting you to sign up as a founder. To become a founder all you need to do is email us via As a founder you are helping this site become a reality. ]


While we work on the initial release, we are also working on plans for other pricing plan tiers. If you would like to be involved in shaping the initial release you can head over to our discord channel today by clicking here

Free Store

Perfect starting point for your new store
£ 0 Monthly
  • 5% Sale Fee
  • 2.5% Card Handling Fee
  • Unlimited Listings
  • 5 Image Gallery Limit
  • Store Coupons

Future Planned Features

Below is a list of features we are currently working on and hope to release in the near future.

Hosted Downloadable Products IN PROGRESS

We are working to allow stores the ability for us to hose the downloadable products for you. Currently the system requires you as a store owner, to upload your content on a third party site and then add that link to the product which we supply to the customer once purchased. 

We are working to allow you to upload files to our server and then we can provide a unique download link for each user. 

Status: This feature is almost implemented we are just currently working on the pricing tiers for storage.

Comic Store Release Magazine 

We built this platform to help all small press creators reach a larger audience, one way to do this is to help get your comics into the hands of retailers. We plan on releasing a monthly magazine of upcoming releases that we will send for free to comic stores. The magazine will have a way that they can order all the comics from us directly so that they have the ease of only one location to pay and one delivery.

We will then gather the purchased comics from you all and pass them on.

Custom Store Pages

Early feedback has told us that you would like to add a custom page to your store, this would allow you to add a cool about me section, a portfolio maybe. The ideas are endless.

Domain Name Integration

We are looking into an easy way for you to obtain a FREE domain name for you store. 


You have spoken, so we are looking into the logistics of us storing your comics and distributing them for you when someone makes an order, leaving you to focus on what you do best. making and marketing your comics.

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