Kickstarters We Love❤️24.02.2021

Welcome to another post where we look at the latest Kickstarter campaigns from the comic category and pick out 5 Kickstarter Campaigns we like and think you will too.


Duplicant 1-4: A Dystopian Biopunk Thriller

A pulse-pounding sci-fi mystery about a scientist who becomes a victim of his own technology. Issue #4, plus catch-up on 1st 3 issues.


Miskatonic High – Issue 10

What started as a simple magic lesson in the Dreamlands soon turns into a nightmare Alex and the teens might never wake from.


Dungeon Cops #1 – Limited Kickstarter Edition

Make100: A limited, numbered run of the 30 first Dungeon Cops comics!


Voodoo Chille #1 – A Story Of War, Death, Destiny & Voodoo

Series debut of a comic with gods, soldiers, zombies, the fate of the universe and one man dragged into the thick of it.


GUTS 2020: A Wrestling Comic

An action-packed instalment in the GUTS wrestling series!

And that is it for this weeks 5 picks, make sure you come back next Wednesday where we will pick 5 more campaigns.

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