Payment Providers & Store Fees

We are working every day to work with our payment providers to bring you cheaper and better fees. Our current payment providers are Paypal and Stripe.

1. Transaction Fees

When a customer makes a purchase via BuySmallPress you as a store owner you will be charged 5% of that sale.

2. Payment Processing Fee

Our partnered payment processors have a variety of payment processing fees. To make this as easy as possible we take the average fee across all platforms.

Currently the payment processing fee is 2.5% + 30p

2. Withdrawal Fee

We currently use Paypal as our withdrawal method of paying you as a store owner and currently this is set at a 3.5% fee.

3. Paying your Buy Small Press Fees

We have made this as painless as possible for you, we take our fees at two points.

  1. We first take our 5% commission fee and 2.5% transaction fee at the point of sale.
  2. We then take a further 3.5% withdrawal processing fee at the point of processing the withdrawal to your account.

If at anytime you think you are being charged incorrectly, immediately contact us via and we will work with you to resolve the issue

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