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This new section is aimed at highlighting and bringing together a list of small press books that are currently up for pre-order. Whether this is from crowdfunding on a variety of platforms or via their own websites. Some of these books may be available on this platform, however this is not a barrier to be listed, we wanted to help bring together one place to look for the latest in Small Press comics from across the globe. You can submit your book to this list by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. 

Rotten Under The Snow

Time Bomb Comics - Katie Cunningham (Writer), Mike Bogdanovic (Artist), Danielle Wiebe (Colourist), Aaron Rackley (letterer).

A city turned battlefield becomes stranger.
Bizarrely mutilated bodies are found in the muddy snow of Leningrad. To solve the mystery and stop an oncoming horror, a traumatised Soviet pilot with a terrible connection to what’s happening must cross enemy land- and fight what is rotting inside herself…

Pre-orders available until March 1st 2022

Price: Digital £6 - Physical £15

Kamen America, Volume 5 and Omnibus

Created by Timothy Lim (Artist) and Mark Pellegrini (Writer)

Charlotte ‘Carly’ Vanders was a USO entertainer with dreams of being a fashion designer. After a fateful encounter with cosmic debris, she becomes a human battery with the ability to harness and weaponize her bioelectricity. Supercharged with a spirit of self-determination and persuaded to be a masked fighter for justice, she became the Fighting Fashionista, the Patriotic Paladin known as KAMEN AMERICA!”

Pre-orders available until March 16th 2022

Price: Digital $5 - Physical $10

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