From their humble beginnings, Madius Comics has grown into a publisher which produces comics with confidence and pride. Our flagship Anthology comic, Paperbacks and Inkstains was successfully kickstarted and collected into a 240 page monster, and has seen some of the indie comics world’s best and brightest involved in its creation. Our sister publication, Tragic Tales of Horrere has garnered us multiple award nominations and showcases a slew of incredible artists and has stamped the UK horror scene back on the comics map.

Griff Gristle has become synonymous with the Madius name, a tale of a salty seadog, bereaved and bewildered as he sets about chasing down the monsters and mysteries of the deep has already seen two successful kickstarters and 10/10 reviews across the board. 

Bursting on to the scene recently is the tale of The Incredible Bun, a young Bunny with a lot of heart. Mixing a fairy tale yarn with Mixed Martial Arts, it’s a heart warming and all ages affair that’s been a hit with the critics. 

With other tales such as Average Joe, Ramlock Investigates, The Viking Sagas and with more to come, Madius Comics have shown they are here to stay and ensuring that

“Reading comics made by Madius is a lot like reading 2000 AD on rainbow-flavoured steroids. You should buy their comics, they’re well worth the hallucinations.” – Fred McNamara (AP2HYC)

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