Hi, I’m Markus Pattern a cat who draws. I’m a digital comic book artist, with a sketchy, pop art style. I’m currently working on an Anthology series called 13 Shots Of Whiskey, the first issue, The 3 Deaths of Willis Waterhouse is out now. You can find my work in the pages of Not So Fair Tales anthology, the webcomic The Hell It’s My Turn, a handful of Anthologies and the Gateway.

I’ve been a fan of comics, and anime and manga since I was 11, but after watching Dragon Ballz, I realized I could draw them. And then I discovered the bass. After a decade of being a failed musician, I returned to my first love and started making comics again. When the pandemic hit, and I was working from home, I took the plunge and started making comics full time.

If you want help 13 Shots of Whiskey come to life, I’m funding it via my Ko-fi and Patreon accounts. My Commissions are also open, if you want me to draw you something.



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