Review: The adventures of Captain Cosmic #3

Captain Cosmic and Kid Cosmic are a father/daughter superhero team defending the galaxy from all sorts of space age foes in the first issue of this all-ages, action adventure series: the Adventures of Captain Cosmic! 

Captain Cosmic, Issue 3 Cover

I’m not a big reader of American comics, sure I might buy an occasional issue in Forbidden Planet or something (usually because I know the, probably British, creator from their other work) but it’s rare for me to follow a series and pick up all the issues. This is especially true of the floppies, I can only think of a couple of titles where I’ve been out and purchased the regular issues rather than just waiting for the trades to come out. All that time spent in comic shops, so few actual, y’know, comics purchased.

All this is a long-winded way of saying that when I first came across The adventures of Captain Cosmic (by Andy W Clift) I wasn’t that bothered about it, <yawn> I lazily thought, <boring Kirby style art> I lazily thought. And then I actually…what’s the phrase I’m looking for here…I actually read the damn thing and I was hooked.

Turns out that, just maybe, my long-held prejudices against the style of classic US comic book are just that, prejudices that don’t stand up against exposure to this love letter to classic US sci-fi comics. I have to say that I love the art, I love the bright, bright colours, the use of Ben-Day dots, Captain Cosmic, Kid Cosmic – I love ‘em all. It just all seems so perfectly pitched. Maybe it’s just the ‘straighforwardness’ of it all that I love. I don’t use the term in a derogatory way, because if you want to do things in a straightforward kinda way there’s nowhere to hide if anything goes wrong, so you better make sure you execute it perfectly. All (ha!) you’ll need is a convincing story and great art – both are present and correct here.

This is no multi-part space epic concluding at some distant point in the future, this is a ‘one and done’ tale of a father-daughter superhero team battling The phantom spaceman and his Insectozoids in a battle to stop the destruction of the galaxy. I was raised on a diet of fine upstanding heroic space adventurers (hello Dan Dare I’m talking about you!) so perhaps I’m pre-disposed to like Captain Cosmic more than the next person but you know what? I don’t think so, I think the good captain would appeal to all of us raised on a diet of, just, comics – British comics or American comics. He’s a force for good wherever he goes and I’ll be buying the next issue whenever it comes out.

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