Setting Up Store Shipping

In this post we are going to talk you through how to setup your stores shipping settings.


Open up shipping settings in dashboard

First you need to head into your store dashboard. Then on the left hand side click on your stores settings menu item.

This will bring up your settings section including a secondary menu. On this menu click on Shipping as indicated in the screenshot below.

Shipping Settings Menu

Activate Shipping

Next Enable shipping on your store by clicking on Enable Shipping as below.

Once you click this two more options will appear.

  1. Processing Time – Set this to the amount of time it usually takes you to dispatch your orders from time you received them.
  2. Shipping Type – We currently have 2 shipping formats for you to choose from on the site (more coming soon).
    1. Shipping By Country – You can define the shipping rates for each individual country. If you leave a country out. Shipping is disabled for that country.
    2. Shipping By Zone – We have already pre-defined a list of zones that you can use to make shipping easier to assign. We have taken all the zones as predefined by the Royal Mail and set them up for you.

Once you have selected a shipping type. Find the corresponding steps to follow below to carry on setting up your shipping.


Shipping By Country

Selecting Shipping By Country will open up the following box of information to fill in.

Here you can set 4 different types of default cost. Highlighted in the blue box

Default Shipping Price: This will be the base shipping price of all the products of the vendor irrespective of countries and states.

Per Product Additional Price: This cost will we applied to every second type of product from the same vendor in the cart.

Per Qty Additional Price: This cost will be applied to every second quantity of the same product of the vendor which is present in the cart.

Free Shipping Minimum order amount: The amount entered here will be the benchmark above which the shipping will be free.


Setting Shipping Rates

Now that you have defined the base shipping rates that will be used for all countries that you have not manually set as outlined above. You now need to setup the final Shipping Calculation for the countries you want to override.

To do this you need to first pick the county you are shipping from.

Then you need to pick a county and states (if needed) for the country you want to override.

As in the screen shot above you can see two blue boxes.

The first blue box is the selector for the country you wish to override and the cost in which to override it by.

The second blue box is the selector to override a state within the country and the cost in which to override it by.

Also in the screen shot above you will see two additional coloured boxes.

  1. Yellow – Clicking this button will enable you to add more states to override.
  2. Green – Clicking this button will enable you to add more countries to override.

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