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Our online marketplace is targeted at your customer. No longer does your store need to hide in marketplaces aimed at different types of consumer. People visiting visit us as the name they trust for getting quality small press products. You can be one of them with your own store in minutes.

Upload as many products as you want with up to 5 images for FREE.

We only charge you 5% commission on all sales after the payment processing fees have been taken.

You can now upload your digital products directly to our site and be hosted by us at the same time. For a full breakdown of this feature you can read about it on our blog by clicking here

Give your customers special coupon codes to get discounts in your store or offer FREE shipping.

You can now manage your store right from the comfort of your own phone.  Our app is currently available on Android only. Download from the play store by clicking here now

You can now add articles and write about anything you like for your customers and the wider userbase of Buy Small Press to read.

We have Zone based, Country based and now we are working on implementing weight based shipping for your stores.


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