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Congratulations. Deciding to join our marketplace and creating your store was the first step in selling your books/comics to fans across the world. In this article I will be taking you through a step by step guide on setting up your store.

When you have completed your registration you will be redirected to a Store – Setup Wizard page which will allow you to enter essential data to kick-start your store. Here’s a screen-grab of the wizard:

You can skip the setup wizard and directly enter your store’s dashboard, or you can provide the details here in a step-by-step manner and pre-populate any necessary details about your store.

The entire process of the wizard should take 4-5 minutes. Let’s discuss the steps in detail.

The first step asks you to define your store’s details such as its logo, banner, address, location and description. Note that a few of the fields will be pre-filled (such as store email, name etc which are present as registration fields), leaving you to fill in the ones that remain.

This is perhaps the most important step of all where you will define what PayPal account you would like your payments made to. Right now, PayPal is the only provider we can process payments to but work is underway to add more.

In this step you can enter your store policies like a refund policy, your shipping policy and cancellation policy. Additionally, you can configure the label for the policy tab which will change how it displays in your store.

In this step you can configure your details for customer support. You will be able to enter the phone number, email address and physical address that you customers can use to contact you. Below is a glimpse of what this step looks like in the wizard. You do not have to provide this information and instead the customer will have to use Buy Small Press’ built in system of communication. 

In Step 5 you can set your store’s social and SEO related settings. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines (like Google) use computers (bots) to traverse the web looking for content. Configuring these settings enables you to tell search engines about your site, increasing your chances of being ranked higher in relative search results.

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In this step you can enter the following information.

*SEO Title
*Meta Description
*Meta Keywords
*Facebook Title
*Facebook Description
*Facebook Image
*Twitter Title
*Twitter Description
*Twitter Image

In step 6 you can define all of your social website links which will appear in your store as shown in the images below.

Once the above steps are completed you are all done with the setup process and will be shown a screen like the following:

Once you click on ”Let’s go to Dashboard” you will be redirected to your new Dashboard where you can fill in any remaining or left-over details. Here’s what that looks like:

Thank you for joining the site and if you need any more help, contact us via email at

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